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Market Research

Do you want to know more about the homeschool market around the world? The Homeschool Trade Association conducts in-depth research about families who homeschool and the organizations that serve them. As a member, you have access to our reports and data.

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Professional Development

Do you want practical advice and motivation to help you run your organization? The Homeschool Trade Association hosts frequent webinars to help you increase your knowledge and sharpen your skills. As a member, you can participate live or watch replays of the webinars. See upcoming events on our calendar.

Job Board

If you are looking for people with experience in the homeschool market to work as employees or independent contractors on a full-time, part-time, or temporary basis, submit your position to our job board.

Cross Promotion

If you would like to pursue opportunities to cross promote your organization with other organizations through guest blog posts, email blasts, or other methods, the HTA can help you connect with the right people.

Live Events

Do you want to connect with other homeschool leaders in person to share ideas and find new opportunities? As a member, you get invitations to all of our events and you get the best prices with registration discounts.

Resource Directory

Do you need suggestions for books, podcasts, and service providers to help you grow and run your organization? As a member, you have access to the resource guide created by the members.

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